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Alamo City Tres Dias

Alamo City Tres Dias is a Tres Dias community in San Antonio, Texas.  The Central Texas Tres Dias community graciously sponsored Alamo City Tres Dias through our formative first six weekends. Our Tres Dias weekends begin on Thursday evening and conclude late Sunday afternoon. Men’s and Women’s weekends are held both in the Spring and Fall of each year.

Alamo City Tres Dias held our first set of weekends in the October 2016 and in the April of 2018, we received our official Charter from Tres Dias International. 

Each attendee, called a "Candidate," has a Sponsor who prays for the Candidate and provides assistance to help make the Candidate's three days on the weekend free from responsibilities elsewhere. Sponsors also act as a resource for their Candidate after the Weekend. The weekends are centered around talks given by Lay and Clergy Team Members which present Biblically based Christian truths and the implications of such truths to our daily lives. During the weekend, the candidates worship and study together. The atmosphere of a Tres Dias weekend is filled with the Holy Spirit inspiring love, joy, peace, hope, fellowship, laughter and glorification of God.

After the three day experience, Tres Dias encourages people to share their witness, to glorify God, to serve through their church and to come alongside each other in living out the Christian life in their own environment. In addition, we encourage people to join in reunion groups and attend Secuelas for continued accountability and nourishment in their Christian walk.

Alamo City Tres Dias Bylaws

Please find our bylaws in the following PDF file for your reference. 

Tres Dias

Tres Dias is an adult ecumenical weekend which aims to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that God use Tres Dias as a tool to bring His children into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many who have attended the weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense His love in a dynamic way.

There are now over 100 Tres Dias communities around the world. Tres Dias was started in 1972 and is overseen by Tres Dias International, which is made up of laity and clergy from around the world.