Christ's Hands in Action

How To Attend an ACTD Weekend

Attending a Tres Dias weekend begins with a desire to grow deeper in your current relationship with Christ.  

It starts with a seeking heart! You take a small step in God's general direction. Then you stop. And wait. And hope.
Regardless of where you are in your faith walk, growing closer to God requires some action on your part. Stopping to pray. Reading your Bible. Going to church. These are only some of the tools the Lord uses to answer the whispers of your heart.

In order to attend a weekend, you must be sponsored by an individual who has previously attended a three-day weekend experience (Tres Dias, Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, etc).  Prayerful consideration by both you and your sponsor are an important first step in discerning God's will for your attendance.    Ideally, if you are a married candidate, the husband attends the men's weekend first and then the wife will attend the following weekend.

If you feel led to attend, you or your sponsor may complete the Candidate Registration Form below.  In addition, your sponsor will complete the Sponsor Information Packet. Once we receive both completed forms and a deposit, we will add you to our weekend list and join you in praying for you and your personal weekend. In the event that the weekend candidate roster has already been filled, you will be notified that you have been added to our waiting list. 

What is Tres Dias?

Tres Dias is another of those tools. It's a commitment to take a short break from the business of Life to spend three days seeking God and listening to His voice in your heart. Tres Dias is a gift you give yourself... your own personal appointment with your Lord and Savior. And for thousands who've gone before you, it's made a life-altering difference in the quality and depth of their spiritual walk.

Tres Dias is a Christian ministry that revitalizes Christian men and women in their walk with Christ by encouraging them to:

  • Impact their home and work environments for Christ
  • Maintain their own relationship with Christ through small group sharing
  • Return to their home churches with a renewed desire to be a Servant Leader

Men's ACTD Weekend #13
October 3-6, 2024

Rector: Chris Viola

Women's ACTD Weekend #13
October 10-13, 2024
Rector: Nubia Jakubisin

What will I need to bring to the weekend?

Although we try to provide for most of your needs, there are a few items you will need to bring for your own comfort.  

  • Twin-size bedding, blankets or a sleeping bag and your favorite pillow
  • Towels, soap, and toiletries
  • Ear plugs are useful if you are sensitive to night noises
  • Casual, comfortable clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, etc. 
  • Jacket or sweater (Even if the weather is "Texas Hot" you may need a jacket/sweater indoors)
  • Ladies note:  Purses are not necessary on the weekend. Please do not bring valuables and only a small amount of cash in the event you stop for dinner after the weekend on the way home.  

In the event you forget something, we most likely have everything that you may need with the exception of prescription medications.