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Alamo City Tres Dias - 2022 Board Nominees

The following are the nominees for the 2022 Board Elections per position.  This information will be updated as nominations are received and verified.

President ( 2 Year )

Angel Morales                   ACTD 5                                                 Lifehouse Church

ACTD Board and community, in my professional life I have led organizations to include Universities, Utility company’s operations. My walk with God is mature and give testimony of what the power of God has done in my life in humbleness. My service in Church includes leading Users/ Greeters, and provided mentorship and classes to the youth, and adults. In ACTD I currently serve as At Large member and during the weekend served as rollista (Leadership, Piety) and prayer cha. I have a desire to serve the community, and in admiration of those who serve in the past. I have seen what Tres Dias does to a person that needs Jesus, and my desire is to bless the lives, growth of the kingdom and strengthening the relationships with other communities.

Recording Secretary ( 2 Year )

Amie Puppos                    ACTD 4                                                   Lifehouse Church

Amie is a great note taker in any and every meeting I've ever attended with her. She is also very detailed and organized in her notes and can go back several meetings to obtain necessary info. As such I believe that Amie would make a great Recording Secretary.

At-Large Members ( 1 Year - 3 Positions Open )

Andy Benthul                   ETTD 26                                                 Verse by Verse Fellowship

I want to contribute to the community.

Yilda Rivera                      ACTD 6                                                   Lifehouse Church

Yilda is currently completing the term left vacant by June Gascho as Member at Large of ACTD and wants to serve the Lord and support the community grow and serve its mission. As an engineer, musician, professional copywriter, and a devoted servant of God she wants to bring her talents forward to serve. Yilda has organizational skills and as well as a publish Christian author, and editor of Christian books. She has experienced different ministries of service and is mature in her walk with God. During the ACTD weekends she has serve as prayer cha, and worship cha. I believe that she has both the desire, ability, and the calling to do this work.

Amy Smith                      ACTD 5                                                   Journey Fellowship

Amy has a passion for God and growing His kingdom. She currently leads a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class and is really pressing into trusting the Lord and stepping out in faith through the doors He is opening for her as He grows her as a leader. She has both the desire and ability to serve in this role and I think she would be a valuable asset to the ACTD board.

Patricia Johnson           CTTD 4                                                 City Reach

I want to give back to the community by partnering with members of the board to take care of community business as well as praying and listening for the Holy Spirit as we prepare God pleasing three day weekends.