Alamo City Tres Dias - 2024 Board Nominees

The following are the nominees for the 2024 Board Elections per position.  This information will be updated as nominations are received and verified.

President ( 2 Years )

Angel Morales              ACTD #5                                Lifehouse Church

Beloved community it has been an honor to serve Christ and you as president of ACTD. Being the President is humbling, where you give not what you think you can give or do but what’s required. My reward is the intimate blessing for each of you, family, and friends - a reminder of God’s beautiful and perfect plan. With the Lord as my guide, I accept the nomination to continue to be the President of this community as the One who chose me is not done yet. I aspire to continue to follow Christ and love Him and love this community. The Lord guides on loving on those that are being restored, and it will be an honor to nurture and grow this community on this role with your support and willing hearts.

As a new Board starts to pick up the tools for the next harvest, stop and ponder what will be your role in making Jesus Christ shine in this season. Let your devoted life say here I am Lord, send me.

Recording Secretary ( 2 Years )

Amie Puppos                ACTD #4                    Community Bible Church​

I've served as the Recording Secretary for Alamo City for the past two years and have been absolutely blessed by being a part of this amazing community. Additionally, I have served all but one weekend since attending as a candidate during ACTD #4. I am passionate about the growth of this community and would love the opportunity to continue contributing my time. talents and treasures by remaining on the Board. I believe that my gift of service can continue to benefit the Board. My ultimate goal is to help the Board ensure that this community continues to grow and help transform the lives of individuals - both candidates and team members - into a deeper relationship with God. Thank you for your consideration.

At-Large Members ( 1 Year - 4 Positions )

Chris Viola Sr               CTTD #8        Cibilo Creek Community Church

My name is Chris Viola Sr. and I attended CTTD #8 where I sat at the table of Peter.
After attending my first weekend I was very interested in serving from the next one. After that I
was all in, working many Central Texas weekends and the first Alamo City weekend. During
COVID, many things changed in my life, like most everybody else, but I moved to San Antonio. I
was searching for a connection to Christian men and of course, God had Kevin call me to serve.
I worked at ACTD #8 and found the community was so loving and accepting. Since I was now
semi-retired I had a little more time on my hands. On ACTD #11 our Head Cha Gideon gave a
talk at a meeting about serving on the board and how important it was to keep the community
moving toward a Christian-filled community. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish that
result but since I was so familiar with Tres Dias I wanted to help with this goal. Serving the
weekends was one way. But when asked to be on the board it really made sense to serve in
another capacity. So I will throw my hat in the ring and ask to serve as a lay board member. 
Thank you for your consideration.  

Nadja Root                  CTTD #14       River City Community Church

I attended CTTD#14, where I sat at the table of Esther. I served on the subsequent CTTD#15 weekend and since, on every ACTD weekend, including ACTD#11, where I was humbled and privileged to serve as Rector. I also had the great pleasure of serving on two of the young adults weekends at East Texas Vida Nueva, in Crockett, TX. I have previously served on the board as a member of the Fourth Day committee. I’ve been inspired since day 1 to give my time, talents, and treasures in service to the Tres Días community. I’ve made it my mission to encourage as many women and men as possible, to experience a weekend because I know firsthand that the Lord will meet them there; where chains are broken and freedom achieved, witnessing many lives transformed. I’ve been blessed to see the community not only grow in number but also into a melting pot of various backgrounds. I endeavor to continue in service to the community that welcomed me with open arms and continually pours into me. I’m humbled by the nomination and look forward to partnering with other members of the board in promoting the mission and vision of the Tres Dias organization. Thank you for your consideration.​​

​Lemuel Angerstein      ETTD #25                                Breakthrough SA​
I want to express my gratitude to the ACTD Community for taking me in after being disconnected from my prior ETTD community for a long time. I moved to New Braunfels in 2017 and in August of 2021 I was privileged to get connected and work ACTD #8 and I was very blessed and felt so much love from my brothers in ACTD. I have been given so much and my heart desires to give back just a portion of the love I have been given through service to the community.  I know that there are more qualified people in the community with a heart for the Lord and His people who could probably do it better. That being said I would love the opportunity to serve my family at ACTD and see God use us as a Team to see many lives changed through the ACTD weekends ahead of us.

Alejandro Morales       ACTD #8                           Lifehouse Church SA

As a younger member of the community, I believe I can provide valuable insight to the experience and challenges of young people in Tres Dias. I'm excited to bring my unique perspectives to the board in hopes of giving insight into places that may not be as accessible to other members.

Christ's Hands in Action